Summer 2021 EiTM Updates

We’ve been busy the past few weeks. Here are a few updates from the EiTM Lab:

Phase 2 of Equity in the Making

We began transitioning to Phase 2 of our NSF CAREER project, Equity in the Making. Phase 2 builds off of the findings from Phase 1, where we investigated this central question: What are the defining features of a makerspace? This second phase is all about understanding students’ first impressions of a makerspace. How will we capture students’ reactions, uncertainty, and/or interest? We’re working with a local, women-owned VR company, Horizon Productions, to develop a VR rendering of a makerspace that embodies the key features identified during our Phase 1 data analysis. We’ll be using the VR makerspace to facilitate observations – more on this soon!

Lab space in the Data and Society Innovation Collaboratory!

We have lab space in Manning Hall! The Data and Society Innovation Collaboratory will provide space for EiTM-related programming as well as our Phase 2 & 3 observations. The space is co-founded with Dr. Arcot Rajasekar. We are currently in the middle of breaking down existing cubicles, cleaning, and giving the space a fresh coat of paint. For now, here’s a look at the team and some work-in-progress photos. We’ll keep you posted on the next big step: PAINTING.

Team member updates

Dr. Kimberly Hirsh graduated! We welcomed Emily and Mimi (Maker-in-Residence for summer 2021). You can find their full bios on our Team page. Soon, we’ll welcome a new Advisory Board member, Jennifer Nichols, who is the Director of CATalyst Studios at the University of Arizona.